Meet the woman behind the brand, Aeren Waters

What’s your story?

My name is Nerea- I am a mother, a molecular biologist, and an optimist.  I am also the Founder and Creative Director of Aeren Waters. This business initially centered on handmade accessories, which I still design and create. But I'm also expanding Aeren Waters as a design house, to include sewing lessons and manufacturing services.

How did you fall in love with fashion?

I fell in love with fashion at a young age. Part of it stemmed from my mom. She always dressed sharp in her work suits and outfits, and I was in awe how she always pulled her look together. As a kid, I was very much into art and creating vivid imagery, so it trickled over into what I wore, or "tried" to sew.

Where did you come up with the name, Aeren Waters?

That was an interesting process!  Some name ideas sounded too forced or didn’t reflect me, or my style. It took some time and nothing seemed to resonate.  But I knew that I wanted people to  say "I need that in my life!" whenever they saw my designs.   So I asked myself, ‘What are things that people need?”, and then I thought“air and water”.  And from there, Aeren Waters was birthed.  And if you didn’t catch it, Aeren is my first name spelled backwards.

How would you describe the process of coming up with a new design?

My process is usually having a set idea for a design, and by the end of the project, it looks nothing like I planned!! But I like it that way; it's important to explore and try new paths.

What are your plans for 2017?

Too many!! But that’s a good thing! One of my objectives is to begin building the service side of the business by offering hopeful designers manufacturing services. I also plan to host a few creative workshops and create online content for folks to learn how to sew. More info will be available on