Halloween and Monsters..oh my!

Wide flyer for oct28 workshop.png

.An afternoon of felt, candy, thread and needle, and vegan whoopie pies at the Femme Fatale DC art lounge on 100 Florida Avenue, NE DC!

On Oct 28, a few brave souls who never had experience with handsewing, joined Aeren Waters Design Studio workshop to make stuffed felt monsters! 

Folks learned how to thread their needle, tie a knot, do a running stitch, end their stitches, and ended up with awesome monsters to show off to their friends. And who wouldn't want a scary monster to go with for trick and treating on Halloween?

Every participant left with their own stuffed buddy, an Aeren Waters sewing kit, candy, and vegan whoopie pies made by Stoner Girl Treats and Eats (www.stonergirltreatsandeats.com).  Wow!

Nerea Gibson